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2023-2031 San Rafael Housing Element Working Group

AprApril 21 2022

Planning Commission Meeting Council Chambers

The purpose of the Working Group is to represent a broad constituency in providing input and direction on the 2023-2031 update of the San Rafael Housing Element. The specific charge of this group is to:

  • Provide direction on the vision, goals, objectives and policies of the plan, including
    suggesting new content and evaluating ideas for feasibility
  • Share your ideas on possible new housing programs and provide feedback on ideas
    proposed by staff and by others
  • Review and provide feedback on the Draft Housing Element chapters as they are developed, including the Evaluation of the Prior Element, the Housing Needs Assessment, the Constraints Analysis, and the Sites Evaluation
    Provide guidance on steps the City can take to affirmatively further fair housing, promote more equitable and inclusive engagement of all stakeholders, and develop programs that benefit everyone in the community
  • Articulate the concerns and input of any constituency represented by Working Group
  • Promote Housing Element outreach and engagement efforts in the community

Agendas are posted 72 hours in advance.

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