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Emergency Volunteer Center (EVC) Job Descriptions

 EVC Core Staff

If you are willing to volunteer with the EVC during a disaster, you will most likely be trained to fill one of the following core staff positions. If you are interested in helping before disaster strikes, you can sign up to volunteer or do an internship today. Sign-up here

EVC receptionist interviews a new volunteer.

Four main positions are essential for operating an Emergency Volunteer Center at a basic level. They are as follows: EVC Coordinator  |  Volunteer Opportunities Coordinator  |  Receptionist  |  Interviewer

Additional EVC Positions

In order to fully and optimally operate an EVC, the following positions should also be filled as soon as possible:

  • Data Coordinator
  • Training Officer
  • Security Officer
  • Runner
  • Additional Receptionists and Interviewers

Every staff member in an EVC is interdependent. Whether you are a runner or an interviewer your performance directly affects the EVC’s performance as a whole. In case all EVC positions are filled, be prepared to return home or come back during a different shift. Below is a brief summary of each position in an EVC. Most of these positions will employ more than one person, depending on the volume the EVC must process.

Emergency Volunteer Center Coordinator

The EVC Coordinator is in charge of all EVC operations. Duties include: Securing and opening an EVC location, overseeing set-up, assigning and supervising staff, acting as chief liaison with the City of San Rafael Emergency Operations center, and meeting volunteer needs of other agencies. EVC Coordinators are pre-picked, pre-trained, and are staffed three deep.

Job Opportunities Coordinator

The Job Opportunities Coordinator is responsible for surveying the volunteer needs of nonprofit organizations and acting as a liaison to them. The Job Opportunities Coordinator will sort and post job requests on a job opportunities board.


The receptionist is the first person a spontaneous volunteer should see when entering an EVC. The receptionist will provide forms for volunteers to fill out, and also redirect those seeking aid, calm distressed volunteers, and provide the latest news on disaster developments.


The interviewer will interview spontaneous volunteers to ascertain their skill sets and availability. They will also place/refer volunteers in specific opportunities. It is the interviewer’s responsibility to filter out mentally incapacitated and incompetent volunteers. A basic interviewing guide will be provided.

Data Coordinator

The data coordinator will periodically patrol the EVC and collect any paperwork from the EVC Coordinator, Interviewers, and Receptionists. It is the data coordinator’s job to make sure that these papers are methodically filled out, and kept in a safe place. Maintaining records is the only way to ensure reimbursement from the state.

Training Officer

The training officer will train volunteers to staff the EVC. The training officer will keep full job descriptions and offer brief trainings when needed. Also, the training officer will keep records of who has been trained and when.

Security Officer

The Security officer will work to maintain relative calm and order at the EVC, provide traffic control, and initiate property and physical security measures, i.e. bag checks and pat downs.


A runner will relay timely information between stations in the EVC. For example, a receptionist may send a runner to request that the volunteer opportunities coordinator process applicants more quickly if s/he feels overwhelmed by the numbers of people wanting to help.

Jobs are added to the Jobs Opportunities Board.

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