EVC Contacts and Locations

Emergency Information Hotline:

Call the San Rafael Emergency Information Hotline at 415-485-5070 for current emergency and disaster information such as evacuation areas and routes, shelter locations, road closures and the like. This number is in service only during an emergency. Or visit the Office of Emergency Services website.

During a non-emergency, contact the Volunteer Program by email or phone: 415-485-3071 or 485-3407.


The staffing and equipment of an EVC will depend on the severity and duration of the disaster. The primary EVC will be located at Canoles Hall at the First Presbyterian Church. If the demand for more than one EVC arises or in case of structural damage or hazardous conditions at the primary location, the Elks Club Lodge will function as the secondary location.

The EVC’s primary location is Canoles Hall in the First Presbyterian Church, 1510 Fifth Ave. in San Rafael.

The Elks Lodge is the EVC’s secondary location at 1312 Mission Ave. in San Rafael.

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