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Public Safety Center

Design Phase (October 2015 – September 2017): The actual design of the project is the process in which the actual physical size, shape and appearance of the project is determined. Design is typically done in three stages, each with a review and approval before moving to the next stage. The three stages are:

  • Schematic Design – Includes development of the basic layout of the space, the skeleton framework of the space, with a preliminary cost estimate based on the layout.
  • Design Development – Includes more detailed design, with development of the look and feel of the space to flesh out the skeleton framework. A better estimate is developed.
  • Construction Documents – Includes documentation of all the details needed for a contractor to bid and build the project, including a detailed estimate of the costs.

Bid and Award Phase (October 2017 – December 2017): Once the construction documents are complete and approved for construction, the documents are made available to the contracting community to review and quantify the costs of the various components of the project (items such as the concrete work, structural steel frame, electrical systems, HVAC, and landscaping, etc.).  The contractor compiles a complete bid for submission by the establish closing date and time (bid date).  Once bids are received and verified that no irregularities exist within the bid documents, the Project Manager advises the owner as to the ranking of the bids. If the bids fall in a range acceptable to City staff, a recommendation will be made to City Council that they accept the lowest responsible bidder and a contract for construction be awarded to the general contractor

Construction Phase (December 2017 – August 2020 ): The process of physically constructing the essential services facilities based on the construction documents and specification prepared by the design team. Construction was completed on August 2020. 

Fire Stations 52 and 57

  • Design Phase (October 2015 – January 2017)
  • Bid and Award Phase (January 2017 – May 2017)
  • Construction Phase (FS 52: June 2017 – May/FS 57: November 2019)
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