Essential Facilities – Public Safety Center Year End Report

Posted on December 20, 2019

Public Safety Center

Construction of the Public Safety Center is currently on schedule for completion in Spring 2020. The gypsum board (drywall) is to be complete this week with tapping and plastering to follow. Final painting of the interior walls is ongoing. The T-Bar Ceiling is currently being installed along the first floor and lighting is being installed throughout the building. Lath and stucco plaster has been placed on 70% of the building exterior and bricklaying has started along Vía Sessi. The work to complete the metal roofing is continuing. Roll up doors have been installed and tested in the basement. Additionally, holding cells and evidence rooms are about 85% complete, sealing of the Concrete walls will occur this month, all doors frames, and doors have been installed. Although the team continues to push to stay on target and on budget, weather conditions may affect progress and production.

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