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5/25/18 – Essential Facilities – Public Safety Center – More Great News!

Posted on May 25, 2018

Public Safety Center – Foundation Pour

Public Safety Center – Foundation Pour

When finished, the Public Safety Center will be the cornerstone of the City’s essential facilities.  For now, it’s a big hole in the ground.  At the bottom of that hole is a new, massive concrete foundation.  The steel and concrete foundation is ready to support the 65,000 sf facility.

On May 24, after exhaustive coordination, multiple rounds of inspections, and detailed planning, the team placed 180 cy of concrete.  Pouring it all took at least 9 hours and a large float of trucks that delivered the materials.  A 48-meter pump was ready to distribute the concrete while a squad of rubber booted concrete workers directed the flow onto the footings.

This is a huge milestone for the project.  Big kudos to the construction team for making this happen!!

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