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Food & Beverage Carts and Kiosks – Administrative Review

An administrative use permit is required to operate a temporary food and beverage cart use on a commercially developed property. Such uses shall be subject to review and recommendation by the Community Development Director and Public Works Director to assure that the site can accommodate the use and that parking or vehicular circulation issues would not result. An administrative use permit application shall include the following information, in addition to the General Application Form and administrative review fee:

• Three (3) copies of a site plan showing: cart location, dimensions, adjoining building(s) on the site, NORTH arrow, adjacent public streets and buildings.

• Description of the business, including square footage of area to be used, hours of operation, number of employees, restroom facilities, screened cart storage location, trash/litter control measures, parking provisions, proposed signs (limited to cart), security and public safety measures, etc.

• Marin County Health Department letter of approval.

• Site photos.

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