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Encroachment Permit Team: Working together with the public

Posted on November 15, 2021

Matthew Pepin, PE, Associate Civil Engineer

Megan Kelly, Junior Engineer

Jason Madayag, Permit Program Coordinator

Matthew Von Bima, Street Maintenance Worker

The encroachment permit process has been revamped over the last three months to give the public and the general contractors a much-improved local government experience with improved tracking and several efficiencies.

Thanks to the newly formed team, the number of complaints related to the private construction activities in the right of way has been dropped significantly.

The team has been reviewing and changing the process of permitting, creating guidelines, improving the clarity of the general provisions and standards, and working on improving communication with contractors and the public by incorporating some of Together San Rafael’s guiding principles:

  • Reimagining the status quo: The team have been working with contractors and other agencies to improve the permitting process and information provided to create a cohesive working relationship. The team has been also asking for constructive feedback from property owners and the public to improve communications.


  • Practicing openness: The team has improved this area by communicating well and often with the contractors, residents, and stakeholders. They have been doing their best to notify residents of major road closures and major utility work in the city that may impact traffic by using social media, our City website, and other platforms.


  • Starting with community needs and finding something to say yes to: We hear you and we are working on improving. Residents and contractors that had the pleasure of speaking with our team have had most, if not all, of their issues addressed and some of their needs have already been incorporated into the permitting process. Time and time again we hear from residents and contractors that the team has gone above and beyond addressing issues quickly and redirecting stakeholders through the proper channels to get the questions addressed.


  • Being mindful of every situation: The team has been working with contractors and residents to create positive solutions. These interactions have been chipping away at the negative stereotypes of government employees and agencies and tearing down the barrier between our agency and the public. Our team receives numerous calls directly from residents and contractors providing positive feedback and words of gratitude.

Our team plans to continue improving the permitting process to ensure that we keep up with the times and the needs of our constituents.

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