East San Rafael Parking Guidelines


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East San Rafael is characterized by densely populated neighborhoods and high parking demands, making parking a daily challenge. Several years ago the City Council supported a 6-month study to evaluate existing East San Rafael parking conditions and better prepare parking solutions the City could implement. The study showed parking occupancy rates to be well over 100%, meaning some cars were not parking according to parking regulations. During the study, the City worked closely with residents and businesses compiling feedback and suggestions from surveys and public meetings – including a large public meeting at the Albert J. Boro Community Center –  on possible parking solutions. The study identified both short, medium, and long-term solutions – classified based on their time and ease to implement. Based on feedback from the community and studied successful examples in other communities, the City is first pursuing a short-term strategy of implementing time-limited parking.

Click here for a copy of the letter sent to East San Rafael residents informing them about upcoming parking changes.

Parking Changes

As part of the short-term strategy identified in the study, the City has implemented time-limited parking throughout East San Rafael. Time limits will be enforced in the following areas (see map for zone boundaries):

  • Residential zones (24-hour limits): Canal, Bahia, and Spinnaker & Baypoint neighborhoods
  • Commercial zones (4-hour limits): Commercial and Kerner neighborhoods


  • Residential: parking will be restricted to 24 hours instead of the current 72 maximum hours;
  • Commercial: parking will be limited to 4 hours from 8AM to 6PM;
  • All new parking restrictions will be enforced 7 days a week, including weekends.


Map of residential and commercial parking zones

For all inquiries and or feedback please see our FAQs, or contact:

  • Public Works, (415) 485-3355, for sign installation and placement inquiries;
  • Parking Services, (415) 458-5333, for parking enforcement and a map of the affected blocks.

FAQ's - Parking Information

Are these rules enforced on holidays?

No. The 24-hour limit & the 4-hour limit rules are not enforced on holidays. Refer to the list of City holidays here.

Why does the City enforce the new time-limited rules on Sundays?

Research has shown that the parking congestion is as prevalent in ESR on Sundays as it is on any other day of the week.

What is the cost of a citation for the 4-hour limit?


How do I find out what the time-limited rules are on my street?

Signs will be posted on your street prior to enforcement. Please make sure to familiarize yourself with the time-limits in your area.

How far do I have to move my car to be in compliance with the new rules?

To be in compliance with the rules, you must move your car at least 100 feet.  Also, your car must not return to the original (same) parking space sooner than two (2) hours after it was moved.

What is the cost of a citation for the 24-hour limit?


What are the new time-limited rules in East San Rafael (ESR)?

  • Vehicles may not be parked in excess of 24 hours in the residential areas of ESR
  • Vehicles may not be parked in excess of 4 hours in the commercial areas of ESR. The commercial area limit is enforced between 8am – 6pm only.
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