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Drought and water use restrictions

Posted on May 7, 2021

Drought and water restrictions

With the recent water use restrictions put in place by the Marin Municipal Water District, DPW will be altering operations for the use of recycled water for irrigation and street cleaning purposes. The switch to recycled water presents logistical challenges as there are only a few recycled water hydrant locations in the city that can be used to refill equipment. To meet this challenge, DPW has purchased a used 2000-gallon water truck to reduce the number of fill ups and travel time needed during irrigations routes. With the recent tree plantings on McInnis Parkway, East and West Francisco Blvd, Windward Way, and other areas around the city, daily irrigation routes will be needed to ensure the success of the new plantings. City street sweepers will also be switching to recycled water for dust control purposes. To learn more about water restrictions and ways to conserve, please visit this website:


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