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Dredging construction ends in San Rafael Canal and Creek in 2023

Posted on March 6, 2023


The City of San Rafael’s dredging project has officially ended all construction as of February 28, 2023, consistent with environmental permitting restrictions. Although the construction phase of the project has ceased, DPW Staff will continue to work on permitting, surveying, sediment testing and reporting aspects of the project in the coming months. As part of the umbrella permitting effort, DPW will also administer permits to private parcel owners who elected to not dredge in this year’s project.

After completing the Federally authorized channel in early February 2023, the City’s dredging contractor got quick to work to complete several City owned and individual private parcels along the San Rafael Canal. The City’s contractor, The Dutra Group, worked under tight timelines and under heavy wind activity to complete the dredging of several private docks, many of which hadn’t been dredged in over 20 years. With the accomplished dredging construction complete, San Rafael will again enjoy a navigable waterway, safer storm and emergency response access, increased protection from sea level rise, and countless economic and recreational benefits.

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