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DPW busy with spring cleaning and sprucing up around the city

Posted on April 9, 2021

Spinnaker Point medians

The Parks Division has been very busy as we enter spring. They continue their twice weekly maintenance rounds of City Parks and the downtown area while also supporting the Sidewalk Repair Program with the planting of 90 trees total for this round. In the photo you will see Parks Division staff Jorge Hernandez, Rene Ramos and Jose Tellez working on the continued maintenance and cleanup of the 21 Terra Linda pedestrian easements. You will also see Parks Division Mechanic Jim O’Hagan removing the ivy from the Spinnaker Point medians, another special project the Parks Division has taken on per request from the homeowners in that area. The ivy will be replaced with landscaping rock for a low maintenance and zero water use alternative as we are entering a drought period.

TLinda pedestrian easements clean up

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