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Roadside Clearance Letter and Opt-Out

November 23, 2021
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Template Letter and Opt-Out form for Roadside Clearance and Evacuation Route improvement.

Residents who opt out of this free service are still required to complete the work to assure vegetation on their property is compliant with the standards outlined and San Rafael Municipal Code 4.12 and outlined below:

  • Pruning or removing vegetation that encroaches into the roadway or shoulder.  
  • Removal of tree limbs that extend over the roadway to create at least thirteen feet, 6 inches (13’6”) of vertical clearance above the width of the roadway. 
  • Removal of combustible vegetation located along the roadway and up to ten feet (10’) horizontally. Combustible vegetation includes but is not limited to bamboo, juniper, acacia, Italian cypress, and pampas or fountain grasses located on the public right-of-way side of any fence.  
  • Removal of tree limbs within 5 feet (5’) of the ground, not to exceed 1/3 of the tree’s total height, along the edge of roadways and up to ten (10’) feet horizontally. 
  • Removal of vegetation to create adequate vertical and horizontal spacing to reduce the potential of fire bridges or ladders.
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