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Outdoor Fireplaces for Residents

Learn what a resident is allowed to burn within San Rafael limits.


Outdoor Fireplaces for Residents

Current Regulation – Standard #11-0701


Some activities, operations and use require a Fire Permit, this standard focuses on activities that do not require a Fire Permit, but are regulated by the CFC and must be performed with caution not to create a fire hazard.
The San Rafael Fire Department (SRFD) does not allow outdoor fires for the burning of yard waste, rubbish, construction debris, brush, etc.



A portable outdoor fireplace may be used within the jurisdiction of SRFD without a Fire Permit; the fireplace must be used in accordance with all of the manufacturer’s safety requirements found in the user’s manual, and the following conditions:

  1. The fireplace must include a bowl or chamber for holding the wood, a method of containing embers and sparks, and supports to ensure clearances to combustibles. The device must have a user manual.
  2. Only dry firewood is permitted. SRFD may respond and extinguish.
  3. The fireplace cannot be used within 15 feet of a structure, combustible materials, or the lot line.
  4. The fireplace cannot be used on a wood deck, porch, or combustible patio.
  5. A minimum 4-A rated fire extinguisher, garden hose, or other approved method of fire control must be readily available.
  6. The fireplace must be supervised AT ALL TIMES by a responsible adult.
  7. All fireplaces must have spark arrestor screens in place during use.
  8. Clay fireplaces (Chimineas) must have a spark arrester on the flue and a spark screen to cover the opening.
  9. Do not operate the fireplace in unsafe windy conditions where sparks or embers may leave the assembly.
  10. Do not store/use gasoline or other flammable liquids in the vicinity of the fireplace.


Note: If the SRFD receives a complaint regarding fire, we will respond and can, at the discretion of the Fire Officer, extinguish the fire for any violation of the above conditions, or if the fire is creating a hazard. A $500.00 citation may be issued for any violation of the SRMC. Public complaints about a fire hazard should be directed to the Marin County Communications Center at (415) 453-1515.

All Outdoor fires are prohibited on Red Flag Warning Days, County wide.

In case of a fire emergency dial 911.

It shall be unlawful to deliberately or through negligence set fire to or cause the burning of combustible material in such a manner as to endanger the safety of persons or property.

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