District Map Drawing Tools

The creation of City Council districts may differ from common issues that are typically presented to the San Rafael City Council. Instead of being limited to saying that you support or oppose an item, you can express yourself by drawing your own map!

There are two map-drawing tools available below:

  1. Paper-only maps
  2. A powerful, but also complicated, online map-drawing tool

You can draw the borders of your neighborhood and indicate whether you want it united in one district or if you want your neighborhood to be part of multiple districts. You can draw a proposed City Council district, or even sketch an entire citywide map of 4 districts.

Draw whatever you would like the City Council to consider and submit it to SanRafael@NDCresearch.com. The City’s demographic consultants will generate the population and other demographic details for your proposed map, and make sure that the City Council receives a copy.

Paper-Only Maps

The simplest approach to drawing a map proposal is to draw your proposed map on any map of the City, or you can use the participation kit map in English or in Spanish to draw your proposed districts and calculate the total population.

Map-Drawing Tips

When drawing a map, what criteria should you use? Many factors could be considered, but an equal population among the four districts is one of the most important components.

In a four-district map, the ideal population size is best between 13,707 and 15,150 people. Additionally, the largest and smallest districts must be within 1,443 people of each other in total population.

Other factors to consider include the following:

  • Consider communities of interest
  • Be compact
  • Be contiguous
  • Have visible (natural and man-made) boundaries
  • Include respect for past voter selections
  • Plan for future growth

Draw and Submit Your Map

Simply email your drawing or fax it to (818) 254-1221. You can even snap a picture and email it straight from your mobile device. Alternatively, you can drop off your paper map at the City Clerk’s Office.

Online District Map Drawing Tool

The Online District Map Drawing Tool enables you to draw districts Census block by Census block, just like professional demographers do. You can fine-tune your district lines and see, in detail, the resulting demographics as you draw your map.

But with this power comes complexity: this tool can be challenging to figure out at first. So before you log in, be sure to review the following helpful guides.

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