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Digital Service Annual Work Plan

Learning and adapting is essential to our department’s success. This workplan will change as we learn more. For some of these initiatives, we have a pretty good idea of where we are going; but for others, we don’t know where we will be two quarters from now and setting overly specific plans would be guesswork. Projects here are selected and informed based on our Department's Strategic Framework.


Project  Partners Objective 
Station 57 Fire Department, Public Works Ensure new facility has network, security, technology equipment 
Public Safety Center Fire Department, Police Department, Public Works, MarinIT Ensure new facility has network, security, technology equipment 
Network Core RedesignMarinITRedesign and upgrade the network core to improve security and performance
Managed Service Provider City Manager’s Office, FinanceStreamline and improve tech and network support with a single service provider
Climate Action Plan Website SustainabilityLaunch an online interactive website to help residents learn how to reduce their carbon footprint
Traffic Signal Network Upgrades Public WorksMigrate traffic signal network core to City Hall server room
Technology Improvement Plan City Manager’s Office, FinanceDesign a governance structure and develop a multi-year plan for funding and prioritizing major tech projects
Permitting Community Development, CaminoStreamline and simplify the planning and building permit process
Data StrategyAll DepartmentsDevelop a data strategy map, governance, inventory, and performance measurement plan
Product ManagementProudCityCreate a playbook and training program so employees can learn how to apply product management methods to improve services
Employee DirectoryKPCSCreate a mobile-friendly, internal directory so City staff can connect with each other
Street Sweeping AppPublic WorksLaunch a public facing map and schedules so people know when the street sweeper will be in their neighborhood
Employee On/Off BoardingManaged Service ProviderImprove our internal on and offboarding process for new employees and user accounts to improve security and reduce costs
Data CenterManaged Service ProviderInvestigate options for moving servers to a hardened data center
Digital DivideCity Manager’s Office, County of Marin, Canal AllianceIdentify gaps and potential solutions for expanding internet access in underserved communities 
Learning Lab  City Manager’s Office, CivicMakersCoordinate and facilitate training sessions for practicing human-centered design
Latinx Outreach StrategyCommunity Engagement TeamImprove civic engagement with Spanish-speaking residents
City Website ImprovementsAll Departments Create a process for regular user feedback and develop a content strategy to improve search and timeliness of information
O365 Adoption StrategyKPCS Provide training and guidance to employees to enhance productivity and collaboration
Finance Business ProcessesFinance Improve business processes in preparation of new ERP software implementation.


Ongoing Support, Coordination & Maintenance 

  • Community outreach strategy (PG&E Outages, Census, Wildfire Action Plan, General Plan 2040) 
  • City website 
  • CP Connect 
  • GIS 
  • Technology training 
  • Community Engagement Team 
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