Debbie Yates, Employee of the 3rd Quarter 2015

Posted on September 6, 2015

Debbie Yates, Parking Services Division, Employee of the 3rd Quarter 2015

Debbie has worked for San Rafael Parking Enforcement for over 25 years, providing her with valuable knowledge that she happily passes on to her co-workers. Exuding a positive attitude, Debbie is always willing to help others and although she may be performing a sometimes -stressful job with grace, Debbie handles challenging situations with a smile, never complaining or appearing inconvenienced. When technological challenges come her way, Debbie refuses to become overwhelmed, self-assuredly tackling them head-on. She is a true public servant: one who is helpful to all and very generous with her time and expertise. Debbie’s positive and easy-going manner makes the Parking Services Division a better and more enjoyable workplace.

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