Cost of Repairs

FY 2017-18 Contractor Pricing

For the FY 2017-18 Program, two contractors submitted pricing for sidewalk replacement:


Sidewalk Repair (per square foot)

Curb and Gutter Repair (per linear foot)

Prevailing Wages*

Van Midde






*Pursuant to California Labor Code Sections 1770 et seq., property owners participating in this program must abide by the California State Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) Prevailing Wage Requirements. This means that if approved for the City Program, Prevailing Wage rates must be utilized.

In your application, you will select your preferred contractor.

Even if you are not one of the approximately 150 selected to participate in this year's formal Sidewalk Repair Program (and therefore the City will not be cost-sharing in the repairs) we still encourage you to contact the contractors to receive a quote for your repairs. Note: any repairs initiated independent of the formal Sidewalk Repair Program will not be cost-shared by the City and in such case Non-Prevailing wage rates may be utilized.

The City has requested estimated pricing from both contractors for non-prevailing wages to assist property owners who wish to perform repairs independence of the program:


Sidewalk Repair (per square foot)

Curb and Gutter Repair (per linear foot)

Non-Prevailing Wages

Van Midde







For all sidewalk repair work in San Rafael, property owners or contractors will still be required to apply for an encroachment permit through Public Works, however the normal encroachment permit fee ($246) will not apply. If a property owner is only doing driveway repair or driveway apron work (no sidewalk repair included), the standard encroachment permit fee ($246) will apply.

What will the City contribute to my sidewalk repair under the City's Sidewalk Repair Program?

Sidewalk repair type % Contributed by City Up to $ amount
Sidewalk repair and replacement 50% $1,000
Driveway approach repair and replacement 0% N/A
Curb and gutter repair and replacement 100% $4,000
Tree work 100% See below
ADA curb ramp* 100% N/A

*If the property is on a corner and a curb access ramp does not exist, one shall be installed per the Americans with Disabilities Act

Tree work type

Up to $ amount per tree

Root Trimming


Stump Grinding (per inspection)


Tree Removal 6” to 12” Diameter at Breast Height (DBH)


Tree Removal Over 12” to 20” DBH


Tree Removal Over 20” to 30” DBH


Tree Removal Over 30” to 48” DBH


Tree Removal Over 48” DBH


Tree Replacement



The City will provide a contribution (above) towards the repair as specified for the sidewalk repair and replacement work to property owners who have applied and have been accepted into the Sidewalk Repair Program. See the Sidewalk Overview page for a timeline and detailed overview of the process. The entirety of the work, shall commence after the property owner is accepted into the Program, and a pre-construction inspection is conducted by a City of San Rafael staff member which identifies the portion of the repair and replacement eligible for City contribution.  The City will then submit a pre-inspection form to the property owner detailing all City-approved work.

Under the program, the final repair work shall  be arranged independently between the property owner and the City approved contractor chosen to perform the work. Once the pre-construction inspection by the City is complete, the property owner may elect to add additional work not eligible for City contribution (e.g. driveway or additional sidewalk which is not displaced). 

It is important to note:

  • Commercial property owners have a total City contribution limit of $2,000 per total application ($2,000 cap includes 50-50 cost share, tree work, curb and gutter, etc.)
  • Applicants that are selected for the program may reapply after five years. However, if you are not selected for the program you may reapply each subsequent year
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