Catherine Quffa

Catherine Quffa brings nearly 15 years of experience working in both the non-profit sector and local government. Catherine has served the City as both a Management Analyst and Assistant Library and Recreation Director, prior to being selected at Library and Recreation Director. Prior to joining the City of San Rafael, Catherine was the Deputy Director at the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy. At the Parks Conservancy, Catherine oversaw a department whose mission was to find new and innovative ways for Parks and Recreation departments to serve their community. Catherine also spent a number of years in Sub-Saharan Africa, first as a Peace Corps volunteer and then as a Program Manager and Director of Programs and Communications for a local non-profit focused on promoting sustainable agriculture. Her time working with these communities helped her create a deep appreciation for the importance of developing programs based on the needs of those she serves. Catherine holds a bachelor’s degree in History from Stanford University and a master’s degree in International Environmental Policy from the Middlebury Institute.

A San Rafael native, Catherine is a product of San Rafael High, Davidson, and Sun Valley Elementary School. She is passionate about finding ways to make her hometown a vibrant, inclusive, and community-oriented place to live.

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