Construction of Fire Stations 54 & 55 is underway!

Posted on February 11, 2022


The City issued Notice to Proceed with construction to Wickman Development and Construction on January 10, 2022. Since then, Wickman, our General Contractor, has prepared the two project sites for construction.  Perimeter fences, safety notices, and field offices were installed. Wickman’s demolition subcontractor mobilized into Fire Station 54, located at 46 Castro Ave.   The living quarters at Fire Station 54 have been demolished.  The contractor is currently excavating footings and trenching for underground utilities.

Similarly, Wickman’s demolition subcontractor mobilized into Fire Station 55, located at 955 Point San Pedro Rd.  Demolition of the building, site concrete and asphalt is underway.   Once site clearing is complete, the contractor will start excavation in preparation for footings and other foundation work.

Station 54 – Driveway concrete slab being removed
Station 54 – Living quarters demolished



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