Please note:  City Hall and most departments/facilities will be closed from December 23rd through January 2nd. We will resume all services on Tuesday, January 3, 2023.

Community Resilience

Studies consistently show that those who are more connected to others are more resilient, happy, and healthy. One of the most important things we can do to promote resilience in the face of stress and disruption is to connect with others. Here are some ways you can build community – and individual –  resilience. Remember, you don’t need to do it all, you just need to do one thing to start.

Resilient Neighborhoods

This is Marin’s premier climate and resilience organization, helping neighbors connect to reduce their carbon footprint while preparing for disaster. And it’s fun! (and free). Sign up for a class series. We all know how much more we accomplish when we do it with a coach and peer support. Resilient Neighborhoods Website.

Community Emergency Response Training (CERT)

Not only is this great for learning how to prepare yourself and your neighborhood to respond during a disaster,  you also get to use a fire extinguisher! This class is worth it for the stories and learning alone, but the training exercises and supplies you get are amazing. San Rafael CERT web page. 

Transformational Resilience

We often think about sand bags and evacuation routes, but did you know that the trauma of surviving a major disaster lasts for years, sometimes a lifetime? Transformational resilience is a program to prepare for psychological and emotional resilience. It’s real. Check it out. Transformational Resilience website. 

More resources coming soon!

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