Updates to City Hall Hours on Fridays in July and August 


Community Conversations

Beginning in 2022, City Councilmembers and Mayor Kate will host both district-focused and citywide conversations that will encourage inclusive engagement for all community members. These conversations will be chaired by the Mayor and respective Councilmembers but will prioritize an inclusive, community oriented dialogue that welcomes input from all members and perspectives of the San Rafael Community.

The citywide meetings, known as Joint Community Conversations (CC) will be hosted by Mayor Kate, while individual district focused meetings known as District Community Conversations (DCC) will be hosted by respective Councilmembers. These 'Community Conversations' may vary in format, from an in-person event such as an ice cream social or community cleanup day, to a zoom virtual meeting. Most importantly, community members will be able to submit items of interest to be added to the agenda for each community conversation.

All CC and DCC meetings will be publicized and open to any member of the public to submit an agenda item for discussion.  Please refer to the the Community Conversation Inquiry Form below to submit an inquiry to be added to an upcoming CC/DCC event. For a calendar of CC/DCC events, please see upcoming events below.

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