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Communication upgrades for Terra Linda

Posted on March 19, 2021

T. Linda Comm upgrade map

Downtown San Rafael gets a lot of attention from the Traffic division, for good reason. It is our most congested area within City limits, carries the highest volume of vehicles, sees the most pedestrian activity, and is home to a very busy transit center. With the installation of video detection in Central San Rafael, the traffic division has been able to breathe a little easier and rely on the data to make informed decisions on signal timing adjustments in Central San Rafael. Now that we have made those improvements, we are looking at the next place to upgrade – Terra Linda! The upgrades include controllers, radios, and switches so we can communicate with the traffic signals remotely. Even as we modernize our infrastructure, there are issues that will come up where we will still have to rely on our on-call electricians to trouble-shoot but this communication upgrade will enable us to access the signal timing at any time and make simple adjustments (extending green time for a phase, making the pedestrian crossing time a few seconds longer etc.) remotely if necessary.

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