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Collision Database is Up and Running

Posted on December 6, 2019

Collision Data

Collision history is an important part of any analysis that the Traffic Engineering division prepares. We need to know the collision history at an intersection or roadway segment in order to determine the appropriate traffic control. Controls might include installing an all-way stop, adding more red curb, lowering the speed limit, or restricting right-turns on red. Prior to this fall, we were about two years behind on collision data mainly due to the way the State receives the data and then distributes it to the local jurisdiction. Over the summer, the Traffic Engineering division worked with the Police Department to get the software that they use, RIMS, to sync with Crossroads, the software that Traffic Engineering utilizes. Thanks to the project managers at each software company, Traffic Engineering now has more up-to-date information on collisions. This allows us to be more proactive instead of waiting for residents or emergency services to call and report an issue.

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