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Collaboration! A Success Story About Working with the County to Install an All Way Stop at a Five-Legged Intersection

Posted on October 25, 2019

Work Order

The City of San Rafael and the County of Marin jurisdiction boundaries meet at the five-legged intersection of Highland Avenue/Deer Park Avenue/Summit Avenue up above Dominican University. It was a free-for-all; some approaches were yield-controlled, and others were free (uncontrolled). The City received inquiries from residents who wrote in requesting the Traffic Division look into improvements at the intersection. Guidance for an All Way Stop includes minimum traffic volumes, collision history, the need to control conflicting movements, and/or sight distance limitations that can’t be improved by restricting parking or trimming vegetation. This intersection is at the top of the hill, so while the volumes are low and there have been no reported collisions, there are vertical curves that get in the way of adequate sight lines. The Traffic Division determined an all-way stop was warranted, but since one leg was in the County, City staff had to work with County staff to get it approved. The County requires a complete analysis, pictures, and an outreach letter to take to their Board of Supervisors for approval. We started this process in the spring. It just got approved by the County supervisors this week! Now, our street maintenance staff will work with County crews to coordinate the installation.

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