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The City of San Rafael celebrates Pride Month


Solar Energy at City Facilities

San Rafael’s Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP), includes Program RE-M1 directing the City to install solar energy systems at municipal buildings and facilities where feasible and investigate and pursue innovative technologies such as battery storage and demand response programs.  The Sustainability Element of the City’s General Plan includes Policy SU-4 to increase the supply of renewable energy sources, and SU-5 to reduce dependency on non-renewable energy sources.

The City of San Rafael has installed solar at several City facilities including the Department of Public Works building on Morphew Street, the C Street parking facility, the Albert J. Boro Community Center, our Public Safety Center, two fire stations and at City Hall. Click here to see the City Hall Video (it's short!)

These solar projects are projected to provide nearly 60% of the electricity used for San Rafael municipal buildings and total municipal emissions will decrease by 18%. In addition San Rafael will realize an estimated savings of about $1.4 million dollars over the life of the 20 year contract for facilities included in the power purchase agreement that funded the installations.

Energy Production Dashboards:

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