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City Selects Dixon for Parking Program Development

Posted on February 22, 2024

The City of San Rafael (City) is excited to announce the hiring of Dixon Resources Unlimited (Dixon) in the development of a residential parking permit program. Dixon is a consulting firm with experience assessing, designing, building, and operating successful nationwide parking programs. With an understanding of the complexities involved and a track record of working with municipalities across California, Dixon is well-equipped to navigate and identify opportunities for San Rafael’s parking program.  

The collaboration kicked off on February 14th with a comprehensive review of the project’s approach and timeline. Over the next year, the City and Dixon will create an updated program that will be developed in phases, with the first phase focusing on East San Rafael (ESR) due to its urgent parking issues and longstanding requests from the community, followed by a subsequent phase that would extend to other areas of San Rafael.  Each phase will focus on the unique issues and needs of each neighborhood while ensuring that the citywide program and policy is equitable.  

A cornerstone of the program development is robust community engagement, in which Dixon will facilitate at least fourteen stakeholder meetings. These gatherings will provide a platform for residents and stakeholders to express their thoughts, offer insights, and actively participate in shaping the parking permit program. By fostering ongoing dialogue and involvement, the City aims to ensure that the resulting program effectively addresses parking challenges and reflects the diverse needs and priorities of San Rafael’s neighborhoods and residents.  

If you are interested in attending any future stakeholder meetings, please reach out to 

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