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City of San Rafael to Publish Report from Marin Builders Association on Permit Customer Satisfaction

Posted on October 3, 2018

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In partnership with the Marin Builders Association and the Marin Economic Forum, the City of San Rafael recently participated in a pilot program to gather and analyze feedback from the City’s permit applicants.

The Customer Satisfaction Assessment Program is a new pilot program managed by the Marin Builders Association aimed at helping improve the permit process across Marin. The City of San Rafael signed on earlier this year to be part of the new pilot program. After nearly several months of data collection, one-on-one interviews, surveys, and focus groups the Marin Builders Association presented the findings to City of San Rafael staff in a 12-page report.

The report, drafted by Robert Eyler of the Marin Economic Forum, provides a synthesis of the data, as well as a snapshot of the overall customer experience. It includes findings from building professionals and homeowner surveys, focus groups, and one-on-one interviews. The report captures feedback from nearly two hundred respondents that applied for a permit with the City of San Rafael over the past twelve months. The report includes short-term, mid-range and long-range recommendations aimed to help improve the customer experience and permitting process.

Overall, the report shows respondents were generally pleased with the permitting experience in San Rafael. Don Jeppson, Chief Building Official for the City of San Rafael added, “We are committed to making our process the very best it can be. Knowing the ongoing experience of our customers helps us serve the public in the most efficient and professional manner possible. We were pleased and gratified to see the overall good marks the City received in each category, however there is of course, always more we can do to create an even better customer experience. We will continue to innovate and partner with our community to get things done in the best possible way.”

Rick Wells, CEO of the Marin Builders Association commented, “This is a fine example of how partnerships can create a win-win-win for our industry and our community. It is a great starting point. Our goal is to help improve the process for homeowners, construction professionals, and the City of San Rafael. Over the long-term, improving the customer experience will pave the way for an increase in the percentage of permitted versus unpermitted construction in San Rafael. We look forward to building on this pilot program, continuing our partnership and our work together.”

The Marin Builders Association serves the construction industry by promoting high ethical and professional standards, providing quality services to members, and working responsibly with the community for the enhancement of the building industry. The Marin Builders Association is celebrating its 60-year anniversary in 2018.

For more information, read the full report.

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