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Posted on October 10, 2022



SAN RAFAEL, CA- Last week, San Rafael City Manager Jim Schutz announced his retirement from the City of San Rafael, effective July 2023. Upon his retirement, Schutz will have worked for the City for more than 16 years and will have held the City Manager position for about eight (8) years.

Schutz’s employment agreement requires a six-month notification of retirement, but he is providing more than eight months to ensure a smooth transition of leadership at the City of San Rafael. The City plans on conducting a national recruitment to find the next City Manager, a process which can take up to 12 months.

Schutz stated the following top five accomplishments that he is most proud of during his tenure in San Rafael:

  1. Led the City through both the Great Recession and the COVID-19 Pandemic and addressed the associated financial challenges, new service delivery methods, community and employee safety, etc.
  2. Implemented a decades-long goal of modern public facilities including a new downtown Public Safety Center and an additional four new or modernized fire stations. Also, assisted in the creation of the Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority.
  3. Successfully completed a huge array of major capital projects such as the multi-modal improvements along Francisco Boulevard East (including the new Grand Avenue Bridge) and Francisco Boulevard West; reconstruction of major intersections, arterials, and bridges; playground reconstructions; multi-use paths; infrastructure improvements; SMART Quiet Zones; etc.
  4. Played a leadership role in reimagining the City’s internal workplace culture change effort though the creation of the statewide award-winning, “Together San Rafael” that focuses on how City staff partner with the community to deliver services.
  5. Worked effectively with three Mayors and 15 City Councilmembers to implement City Council policy. As City Manager, was successful in securing many millions of dollars in state and federal grants for San Rafael and four voter-approved ballot measures.

Schutz says, “Being San Rafael’s City Manager is the highlight of my career and I had huge goals regarding external community projects and internal organizational evolution, and I’ve been so fortunate to have achieved those goals. I dearly love San Rafael and consider it my adopted hometown and the real hometown of my children who my wife and I raised here.”

He adds, “San Rafael has become a destination for municipal employees who have a passion for working with an active community, who want to challenge the status quo, find win-win solutions, and be a part of a very high functioning and caring team. Playing a role in helping to craft that municipal team is something that will always fill me with gratitude.”

Mayor Kate Colin said, “I’ve considered Jim to be a partner my whole time as Mayor and on the City Council and he has always delivered the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and solid analysis while staying calm, upbeat, and optimistic even during the most difficult times.”

Vice-Mayor Rachel Kertz said, “I’ve very much enjoyed working with Jim since my time on the San Rafael City Schools Board of Trustees and his deep knowledge of the City was extremely helpful as I transitioned to my current role on the City Council. Jim always brings a balanced, professional, and calm approach to every issue and project.  We have accomplished so much, and Jim has set us on a great path. I’ll miss working with him but am glad he will still be my neighbor.”

Schutz plans on using the extra time post-retirement to further explore things he has enjoyed volunteering to do in the past. “I would like to write more, to teach more, and to explore international development work.”

Mayor Colin adds, “The City of San Rafael has a reputation as a very well-run municipality over many years. I’m appreciative to Jim for all that he has added to San Rafael over what will be about eight years as City Manager and for providing us a long runway so we can do a thorough recruitment to find our next excellent administrator.”

Retirement Remarks by Jim Schutz

Retirement Remarks by Jim Schutz

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