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City Hires Alternative Response Team

Posted on February 27, 2023

Alternative Response Team

January 23, 2023, the City Council approved the City entering into a professional services agreement with Petaluma People Services Center for a three-year Alternative Response Program pilot, replacing traditional law enforcement responders to 911 calls involving people in crisis with social workers, mental health counselors, or medical staff.

Alternative Response Teams have the capability to deal with a wide range of mental health related crises, including conflict resolution, welfare checks, substance abuse and potential suicide threats. Relying on trauma-informed de-escalation and harm reduction techniques, Alternative Response Teams are designed to respond to the following:

  • Individuals who are intoxicated or under the influence of controlled substances.
  • Transports for mental health services.
  • Counseling, support, and intervention for depressed or suicidal individuals.
  • Assisting the public with emergency shelter resources.
  • Transportation to detox services for intoxicated people.
  • Welfare checks (when no crime is suspected).
  • Reports of intoxicated subjects in public places.
  • Reports of disoriented subjects.
  • Non-emergency medical evaluations.
  • Transports for non-emergency medical care.
  • Delivering emergency/death messages.

Read the Staff report and Petaluma People Services Centers Proposal HERE.

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