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The City of San Rafael celebrates Pride Month


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Holiday Cookie Recipe Swap

Do you have a favorite holiday cookie or one that you’re famous for? Let’s share cookie recipes! Send us your recipe and a photo of the cookies if you have one.  Let us know where you got the recipe and why you like it.  We’ll share it so everyone can try a new cookie recipe … Continued

World Oceans Day

Celebrate World Oceans Day with us by pledging to make a change in your life that will benefit our Oceans. You can say no to plastic straws and replace them with bamboo or stainless steel, pack your reusable cups/food containers instead of plastic water bottles and plastic baggies that end up in our Ocean. Color … Continued

Join our 14-day Fitness and Wellness Challenge

Hey everyone, to help ourselves and others stay healthy we’ve come up with a 14-day Fitness and Wellness Challenge. For the next 14 days each of us here with San Rafael Recreation will post a fun video for you to view and follow along. We’d love to see your videos or photos as you join … Continued

Cinco de Mayo – Make Some Cascarones!

Cascarones, pronounced kas-ka-ron-ez, are a Mexican tradition used for Cinco de Mayo, Easter and other celebrations.  It is an eggshell filled with confetti used to crack over someone’s head and shower them with the confetti inside. Cascarones are lots of fun to celebrate with and are a great surprise for unsuspecting guests! See the PDF … Continued

Wookie Cookies

Make these fun Wookie Cookies to celebrate Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with you! Here’s What You’ll Need Gingerbread Cookie Recipe or Mix Bowl Big Spoon Spatula Fork Rolling Pin Cookie Sheet Pot Holder Large Gingerbread Man Cookie Cutter Chocolate Chips White Chocolate Chips Plastic Bag or Pastry Bag To Make Mix your … Continued

Let’s Make a Bird Feeder

Here are the items you’ll need: empty plastic jug permanent markers cutting tools string sticks bird seed The following are the steps to create the bird feeder but please see the Make a Bird Feeder PDF for easy -to-read steps with images. Carefully cut holes on the sides of the jug that are big enough … Continued

Kindness Rocks Project

Help promote random acts of kindness by painting and leaving rocks for people to find them in you neighborhood. YOU WILL NEED SOME ROCKS Flat smooth rocks work best.  The 3″ to 6″ size work best PREPARE THE ROCKS BY SPRAYING OR PAINTING THEM WITH NON-TOXIC SPRAY/PAINT This will prepare the rock surface for your … Continued

Word Hockey

Word Hockey is a low-cost DIY game you can play at home using supplies you likely already have in a cupboard. Your child will spell his/her name and/or other words by sweeping letters through a goal. Kids can compete to see who can spell their name fastest or set up several goals and see who … Continued

Gentle Qigong Part 2

Qigong is a beautifully flowing movement meditation that cultivates a sense of well being, calmness, and mental alertness. This practice is ideal during stressful times, and it may be done standing or sitting. Join our own Goldenaires Fitness Instructor Jeanette Logan as she takes you through a series of movements  in Gentle Qigong- Part 2.

Build an egg tower

Check out this fun activity  for your plastic eggs shells from Easter! Materials needed: Plastic eggs Play dough Measuring tape Ready, set, build! Set out the supplies on a table. Show children how to connect the eggs using play dough spheres. Encourage them to build three dimensional structures. Measure how tall the structure is before … Continued

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