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Category: Street Resurfacing

2023/24 Pavement Maintenance Project

2023/24 Pavement Maintenance Project The Department of Public Works is actively reviewing the streets in North San Rafael and in the process of developing a pavement maintenance project much like the 2022/23 Slurry Seal Project. The Department of Public Works will also be doing some additional road maintenance in the Canal District. Louise Street, Larkspur … Continued

Department of Public Works completes 20 miles of resurfacing

This year’s Pavement Management Program was a success with over 20 centerline miles resurfaced! The two-phase pavement preservation project filled cracks and slurry sealed roads in the Dominican, Glenwood, Bret Harte, and Canal neighborhoods as well as work on Fourth Street and C Street. Next year’s project will focus on North San Rafael and the … Continued

2022/23 Slurry Seal project update

The City’s contractor American Asphalt Repair Resurfacing Co., Inc. placed 8 miles or about 130,000 square yards of slurry seal between November 9th and November 16th in the Canal District, Bret Harte Neighborhood, and Downtown. The traffic striping will be replaced starting November 22nd and should be complete by the end of the month. The … Continued

Pavement Management Program – 2022/23 Slurry seal project

The City’s annual Pavement Management Program started this week. The contractor is doing the preliminary work for the slurry sealing of the next 8 +/- miles of the City’s Road network. This year’s Pavement Management Program includes the removal of traffic striping, crack sealing, placement of Slurry Seal, and the installation of new striping. The … Continued

2021/22 Slurry Seal project

The City of San Rafael’s annual Pavement Management Program will be starting next week. The City’s contract Pavement Coatings Co. will be crack sealing over 12 miles of roads in preparation for Slurry Seal of those roadways. Please check out the City’s Pavement Management Program website at for more details. Shawn Graf, Assistant Engineer

Bungalow Ave project update

Construction work on the final section of the Bungalow Ave project began late last month.  This section of Bungalow Ave being reconstructed is the area between Woodland Ave and Picnic Ave, often referred as “lower Bungalow.”   The City’s contractor, Ghilotti Bro’s Inc (GBI) has been making great progress.   GBI has been accommodating folks in the … Continued

Bungalow Ave project update

Construction on the lower Bungalow Ave. section from Woodland Ave. to Picnic Ave has started this week.  This project will extend the current width of the roadway, while removing steep gutters, improving the overall safety of the street.  This area will be closed to traffic during work hours Monday – Friday from 7AM – 5PM.  … Continued

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