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San Rafael High School – Third Street Crosswalk project update

The contractor has finished work on the new Third Street-San Rafael High School Crosswalk.  With the traffic signal equipment is delayed due to Covid, the crosswalk will remain closed until March when we install the traffic signal system. During construction, one of the contractors commented that he had “never seen such a weird, staggered crosswalk … Continued

Third Street crosswalk at San Rafael High School project

Construction is moving along for the new signalized crossing on Third Street at San Rafael High School. The south (shopping center) side is complete and the driveway for the delivery trucks is open. The north (school) side is nearly complete. The last phase is the median, which the contractor broke ground on Tuesday January 5. … Continued

Progress on the Third Street – San Rafael High School crosswalk

The concrete has been poured on the south (Montecito Shopping Center) side of Third Street and the contractor is moving on to the north side of Third Street! The south side was the most complicated, given existing utilities for all the development on that side. Construction should go quicker on the north side and in … Continued

Notice of Construction Activities: San Rafael High School Crosswalk

Construction for the San Rafael High School crosswalk begins Monday October 26th! This crosswalk is being installed about 350 feet east of Third Street/Union Street. It will come with a pedestrian hybrid beacon that will be dark unless a pedestrian activates the button to cross. Pedestrians will cross in two phases and this beacon will … Continued

San Rafael High School Pedestrian Crossing and Third Street

Staff reported late last year on the funding by Transportation Authority of Marin to install a signalized crosswalk on Third Street in front of San Rafael High School. We are glad to report the design plans are at 95% complete and the project will soon be sent out for bids. The crosswalk will bring safety … Continued

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