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Category: Maintenance Divisions

Windward Way parking stalls get a facelift

The Paint crew has been busy doing a much-needed facelift to some faded parking stalls on Windward Way. Here you see Streets Division crew members Jeremy Quintal operating the walk-behind striper and refreshing the T’s & L’s. Also pictured are Tyler Nord and and Mike Castaneda. Crews will continue to refresh road markings around the City throughout … Continued

New gutter installation at the Terra Linda Community Center

The Terra Linda Community Center had a new roof installed back in 2017 and to assist with keeping the new roof in good condition, new gutters were recently installed.  Rain gutters and downspouts are an important necessity to a building because they help to protect the building from rain and water damage. Without a gutter … Continued

Spring cleaning around the City

No one likes to walk around looking at overgrown or unkempt vegetation. It can become a nuisance for pedestrians and in some cases, a safety and/or a potential fire hazard.  The Parks Division has been busy clearing and trimming vegetation around various parts of the City.  Helping to keep the vegetation around the City clean … Continued

Roadside vegetation cleanup work begins

Parks Division staff have started their roadside and median cleanup efforts throughout the City. Most of this work involves weed eating, trimming of hedges and litter removal. It is very important work as it maintains a safe path of travel for pedestrians, line of sight for drivers and reduces fire risks along City roads. In … Continued

Road and curb repair work completed

Streets maintenance staff recently performed a large concrete curb replacement on Ray Ct. The section was hit by a truck which caused it to collapse into the drainage ditch. Staff formed up and poured a new concrete section. Staff will also be repairing the section of asphalt road that has significant “alligator” cracking adjacent to … Continued

Boyd House showroom floor refinish

The most used surface in a museum is the floor. This museum has many rooms that has large amounts of foot traffic.  After a while, this type of traffic from daily tours and visitors can take a toll on the floors finish.  Staff with the Facilities team took on the task of refinishing and re-staining … Continued

New recycling, compost & trash enclosure at Terra Linda Community Center

Recycling has been instrumental in reducing the amount of waste that is being sent to landfills. In addition, recycling and composting have important environmental benefits as well as composting 1) significantly cuts down on the amount of trash in a landfill and 2) composting can help remove carbon from the atmosphere.  With a grant secured … Continued

Please welcome Jody Sanchez to the Parks Division!

Jody Sanchez will be working as a Parks Maintenance Worker I in the Parks Department, helping the crew with their regular maintenance duties.  She joins us after spending the last 7 years with Gardener’s Guild, where they were very sad to see her go.  Jody is excited to join our San Rafael team for the … Continued

Repairs to irrigation systems

In preparation for warmer weather, Parks staff have been checking City park irrigations systems. With continued drought conditions, this remains a very important matter to staff. Staff monitor and receive leak alerts from the EyeOnWater service which allows them to address leaks as soon as possible. With water use restrictions still in place, staff use … Continued

Lincoln Ave. road repairs

Streets division maintenance staff performed road repairs along Lincoln Avenue recently. Staff have identified multiple areas of Lincoln that need repairs and will be performing more work in the area. Common issues seen are “alligator cracking” and some minor sinking. Being Lincoln is a high traffic street, staff make sure the work they perform has … Continued

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