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Pickleweed Childcare sandbox repairs

The Facilities team took advantage of the summer break and completed some needed repairs on the Pickleweed childcare sandbox while the children were away. The old sandbox provided many years of fun play for the children who attended the center. While many of the existing posts were able to be reused the top and side … Continued

The importance of Basic Inspection of Terminal

The Basic Inspection of Terminal is required by the State of California to be completed every 90 days. This inspection entails checking the brake adjustment, brake system components, oil leaks, steering and suspension systems, tires / wheels and vehicle connecting devices. The vehicle maintenance staff does a great job of keeping on top of these … Continued

20 Meyer Road project update

Construction on the City’s 20 Meyer Rd. project picked back up this week on Wednesday, 8/17. Last week, the City’s Contractor, Piazza Construction, met with the City’s Consultant, Miller Pacific Engineering, to locate and layout the retaining wall that is to be installed. This project is expected to be complete by the end of August. … Continued

Benefits of column lifts at Fleet Operations

In the image shown above. Garage technician Angel Lopez has taken the initiative to remove the complete cab assembly in order to access and replace the faulty high pressure fuel injection pump. Difficult jobs like these are not commonly done due to the complexity and time that it takes to complete. Also, our newly purchased … Continued

Shoreline Park Pathway vegetation clean up

The Parks Department is currently working along Shoreline Park, near Target, clearing overgrown vegetation near and along the pathway.  The crew was able to get assistance from Forster & Kroeger Landscaping to help clear the weeds, broom and other dead plants from the area.  Shoreline Park is a part of the San Francisco Bay Trail … Continued

New garbage can installation along 4th Street

Parks Lead Worker Matt Scales is pictured installing one of 50 new garbage cans on Fourth St. Upgrading 50 garbage cans was a collaborative effort years in the making.  Sustainability Coordinator Cory Bytof spearheaded the project, working with the Parks Department and Marin Sanitary to find a modern, sustainable garbage can.  These new, efficiently designed cans … Continued

Vegetation pruning along Freitas Parkway medians

The Parks Department can be seen cutting the eastbound side of Freitas Pkwy.  The Freitas Pkwy median, along with the medians along Las Gallinas and Las Colindas, constitute the ‘Big 3’ of summer pruning projects for the Parks Department.

Spinnaker Point median rejuvenation

Recently, the Parks Department was able to fit in a Spinnaker Point project on to their list of projects to be completed around the City. The rejuvenation of a small road median in the neighborhood helps to improve the aesthetic and ecological function(s) of the median.  The residents of Hingham Cove were pleased with the … Continued

Las Colindas Road median vegetation pruning

Trimming and pruning is beneficial to both trees and shrubs in more than one way. It helps to improve and maintain the overall health of vegetation by removing dead or dying branches and it also improves the appearance of plants and trees. Here we see members of the Parks Division working along the Las Colindas … Continued

Needed facelift for road striping

Road markings help to reduce road accidents, controls traffic and obstructions to ensure safe driving and they also support safe pedestrian crossing.  Here we see Streets Division crew member Jeremy Quintal utilizing the ride-a-long striping machine to install a new double yellow line(it was previously a single line with less visibility). This new addition will … Continued

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