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The City of San Rafael celebrates Pride Month


Category: Francisco Blvd West One Way Conversion

Francisco Blvd West Multi-Use Path

The Francisco Blvd West multi-use path and one-way conversion is under construction. Over the last two week’s Francisco Blvd West was temporarily closed at Rice Drive as the contractor drove sheet piles along the creek. The majority of the new bike path will be installed within the previous southbound vehicle travel lane, but as the … Continued

Francisco Blvd West converted to one-way southbound

Francisco Boulevard West was recently converted to one-way southbound from Second Street to Rice Drive. This was done to improve safety at the SMART rail crossing at Second Street by diverting northbound traffic to Lindaro. It also allowed us to make room for a two-way protected cycle track on the west side of the street. … Continued

Multi-Use Pathway Phase-II

The planning stage for the Multi-Use Pathway (MUP) Phase-II, extending from 2nd Street to Rice Drive, is continuing forward. The pathway is along Francisco Boulevard West. It will connect the recently completed MUP Phase-I from Rice to Andersen Drive with downtown and the Bettini Transit Center. The existing 4-foot wide sidewalk will be expanded to … Continued

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