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Needed facelift for road striping

Road markings help to reduce road accidents, controls traffic and obstructions to ensure safe driving and they also support safe pedestrian crossing.  Here we see Streets Division crew member Jeremy Quintal utilizing the ride-a-long striping machine to install a new double yellow line(it was previously a single line with less visibility). This new addition will … Continued

Andersen Dr. Bike Lane update

Protected bike lanes help to reduce bike-related intersection accidents and help to keep bike riders safe.  The bike lane located on Andersen Dr. southbound approaching the SMART tracks has been updated with buffer space, delineators, and additional “bike must exit” ground signage.

Canal Community Based Transportation Plan

The San Rafael Traffic Engineering division successfully had the Canal Community Based Transportation Plan (CBTP) approved at City Council recently. This plan is community driven and summarizes the transportation challenges experienced by the residents in this area. The biggest challenges we heard about were lack of street lighting, frequency of transit and cleanliness of bus … Continued

Brighter lights in the Canal

Through several different community processes, DPW has heard loud and clear that the street lighting in the Canal is insufficient. The Canal neighborhood has other challenges, like residents having to park on the street far away from their homes, walking home from the bus stops, and lack of marked bicycle facilities and the insufficient street … Continued

Miovision camera installed on Bellam Boulevard

The Traffic Engineering division continues to build out the network of video detection and automated traffic signal performance measures (ATSPM) with the installation of Miovision fisheye cameras and cabinet hardware at Bellam Boulevard/Andersen Drive and Bellam Blvd. and Kerner Blvd. Public Works now has access to 24/7 turning movement counts, including pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit … Continued

Road Closure: 1201 Fifth Avenue between B Street and C Street

CSI Construction will be lifting some screen walls at 1201 Fifth Avenue specifically between B Street and C Street. As a result, this section of road will be closed off momentarily. The road closure will occur on June 22, 2022 at 7:00 AM and may be in place for the 3-5 hours. Signage boards shall … Continued

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