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Shout out to the Facilities Team! – Public Safety Center

Big thanks to our DPW facilities team led by Supervisor Omar Garcia, and his crew Michael Reiser and Anthoney Heaven for their hard work and positive, can-do attitude! The Public Safety Center Project is complete but miscellaneous additions continue to come up to make the building and its surroundings safe and 100% ready for occupancy. … Continued

Safety First: Temporary railing at Public Safety Center

As our Facility staff were inspecting the Public Safety Center, they found two safety risks. They wanted to tackle these issues immediately before anyone got hurt! On the backside of the building, there was a 4 foot drop with no indication of elevation change. We installed temporary railing to ensure safety of our staff and … Continued

Public Safety Center – Interior Finishes

The construction team is working hard to meet the anticipated completion date. Interior finishes such as carpet, wall panels, whiteboards, and counter tops are currently being installed.  Additionally, audiovisual, fire alerting, surveillance and other integral systems are being completed. In the next few weeks, we plan on finishing the site walls, brick stairs and planting. … Continued

Public Safety Center – Construction Continues Amid COVID-19

Crews are making steady progress as the end of construction comes into sight for the City’s new Public Safety Center building. The Public Safety Center is an essential project, therefore exempt from the March 17 Shelter-in-Place order. The contractor has been taking the coronavirus pandemic very seriously. They have been diligently enforcing the COVID-19 Exposure … Continued

Call for Artists – Public Safety Center Project

UPDATE: The City is no longer proceeding with the Public Safety Center Art project. The COVID-19 pandemic halted the process and the City Council, through its Essential Facilities Subcommittee, determined not proceed with the outdoor art component. The City of San Rafael is pleased to announce a Call for Artists to submit images/renderings/drawings of public … Continued

Public Safety Center – Interior Finishing Touches

Construction of the Public Safety Center continues to progress. The exterior brick installation is well underway, despite the recent rainstorm. The City’s contractor, Alten Construction, is currently working on the interior finishes. Painting of the interior walls, as well as, installation of T-bar ceilings and lighting is around 90% complete. In addition, the first and … Continued

Essential Facilities – Public Safety Center Year End Report

Construction of the Public Safety Center is currently on schedule for completion in Spring 2020. The gypsum board (drywall) is to be complete this week with tapping and plastering to follow. Final painting of the interior walls is ongoing. The T-Bar Ceiling is currently being installed along the first floor and lighting is being installed … Continued

Public Safety Center – Roofing and Insulation Complete

The construction of the Public Safety Center continues to progress. The roofing on the building is completed and the interior walls have been insulated. The building is now weatherproof and is ready for the upcoming wet season. With an average daily crew of fifty workers, the contractor continues to hit critical milestones to keep the … Continued

Public Safety Center – Preparations for the Weather

Although we are enjoying this beautiful summer weather, it’ll be autumn before we know it, and the rains will return.  The Public Safety Center project team is making sure they are prepared for the rains. This includes ensuring the building envelope is water-tight. The roof installation has started in some areas and will continue for … Continued

Public Safety Center | October 2018 Update – Utilities Completed

During the month of October 2018, Alten Construction finished with the slab on grade at the basement level and all of the offsite utilities (water, sewer, storm drain and gas). The contractor then proceeded with the installation of the shoring for the first floor (podium deck). All of the contractor’s forces have been focusing on … Continued

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