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Fire Station 57 Update May 2018

Project Progress During the month of May, Alten Construction completed the slab on grade for the Office and Living Quarters areas. CMU installation for the Utility Rooms was completed and continued for the Apparatus Bay and Living Quarters. The installation of steel elements (ledgers and columns) continued for the Living Quarters. Installation of supports for … Continued

5/15/18 – Fire Station 57 Update April 2018

Project Update During the month of April, Alten Construction completed the installation of under-slab rough electrical and plumbing elements, and also completed the placement of underslab rock and vapor barrier at the Living Quarters. CMU installation continued at the Apparatus Bay and Utility Rooms. Selected steel elements (ledgers and columns) and steel door frames were … Continued

4/25/18 – Fire Station 57 Update March 2018

Project Update: During the month of March, Alten Construction mobilized material and equipment and began installation of CMU at the perimeter and interior building walls. The installation of UG MEP elements (including deep interior and Apparatus Bay trough drain aspects) was completed. Delivery, staging, and set up of CMU material and equipment continued during the … Continued

Fire Station 57 Update February 2018

Project Update The team has made excellent progress at Fire Station #57. During the month of January, the new driveway and side walk were completed along Civic Center Drive. The foundation formwork and rebar are underway as well as the elevator pit concrete work.  We are excited to see this project moving at full speed. … Continued

Fire Station 57 Update January 2018

Project Update: During the month of January, Alten Construction continued to work on the Fire Station Building; the Classroom Building and the retaining wall/ bio-retention on the North-East side of the site. At the Fire Station Building, contractor continued with installation of Scaffolding, wood framing at the bay room and the CMU Block. The CMU … Continued

Fire Station 57 Update November 2017

Project Progress During the month of November, Alten Construction substantially completed all excavation activity for the new storm drain. Form work and concrete pours for all manholes and inlets continued throughout the month. Temporary storm drain bypass measures were maintained and a secondary bypass pump was removed due to decreased rainfall. The review and processing … Continued

Fire Station 57 Update September 2017

Project Progress During the month of September, Alten construction completed site preparation for the next phase of work, which will include the installation of the underground site utilities and the building foundation work. Alten Construction also completed the foundation, rebar installation, and block placement for the CMU wall that is located at the perimeter of … Continued

Fire Station 57 Update July 2017

Executive Summary In November 2013, Measure E was passed by the voters of San Rafael extending for 20 years an existing 0.5% sales tax and adding 0.25% in an effort to set aside funds to begin to address the aging public safety facilities in San Rafael. In July 2015 the City Council approved a strategic … Continued

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