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Cannabis Regulations

Posted on March 1, 2019


Back in December 2017, the City Council approved new regulationsrelating to medical cannabis businesses in San Rafael. While this action didn’t approve any medical cannabis businesses to open, it instead set up the regulatory framework for this type of business. Specifically, these regulations authorized three license types: cannabis testing labs, medical cannabis infused products manufacturing, and medical cannabis delivery. The City Council also prohibited all commercial recreational adult-use cannabis activities. In May 2018, the City Council amended these regulations to authorize a fourth license type: medical cannabis distribution. In addition to these regulations, the City Council approved a Medical Cannabis Business Operator License Pilot Program, setting the number of each type of business license the City would issue, as well as policies and procedures for the licensing process. At Monday’s meeting, the City Council will consider approving changes to these regulations, which includes minor administrative changes to make sure we’re complying with state law, progressing from a medical cannabis business policy to one that authorizes commercial adult-use activity for existing licensees, creating a renewal process for licenses, adjusting application and appeal fees, and increasing the number of licenses available by one in distribution and two in manufacturing.

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