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C Street Boring Underway

Posted on July 10, 2020

Many positive changes are taking place in downtown San Rafael. The City is taking on street rehabilitation work around the Public Safety Building, converting B and C Streets to two-way operations and we are installing conduit and fiber underground to strengthen the communication infrastructure in order to improve the operation of traffic signals.

Work is underway to place a very strategic and essential communication link from Third Street to Fifth Street along C Street. This important conduit will carry the communication for all downtown traffic signals directly into City Hall where the signal server is located. The new conduit will have enough bandwidth to carry signal communications for the foreseeable future and potentially carry communications from other City facilities like the garages and public buildings to City Hall. Having this critical connection has the potential to speed up communication and make real improvements to the traffic signal system in San Rafael while realizing substantial monetary savings.

This communication link is key to the implementation of the IDEA Grant Project. We will prepare infographics to explain all the changes coming and highlight the new capabilities as the traffic signals technology goes to the next level. This work is being planned now for construction beginning early August and ending before the holidays.


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