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Brookdale Avenue Retaining Wall

Posted on April 28, 2016

Project Description: Brookdale Avenue is a one-way loop off of Lincoln Avenue and adjacent to the Irwin Creek to the north.  The area next to the roadway has experienced erosion due to the close proximity of Irwin Creek as it meanders downstream.  The creek bank erosion has caused instability in the original stacked rock retaining wall that is holding up a portion of Brookdale Avenue, and is causing the roadway to subside.  In order to support the roadway and allow access to properties a Cast-in–Drilled Hole (CIDH) retaining wall system is recommended for installation adjacent to the roadway.  This type of repair includes the installation of closely spaced piles with a concrete cap.

Construction contract awarded to: Valentine Corporation.

Project Status: Complete.

Brookdale Avenue Landscape Project

The Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM) is leading the landscaping project along Brookdale Avenue.

The Project will:

  • Demolish existing rubble, sidewalk, and curb/gutter.
  • Clear the vacant lot and replace existing weeds with new bushes, trees and mulch.
  • Replace curb and gutter, which will also include driveway cuts.

Brookdale Avenue parking will be temporarily affected during construction. Parking restriction dates and times will be posted in advance.

Project Contacts: TAM Contact: Chris Coles, TAM Resident Engineer, (510) 393-5112,

Project Status: Complete.

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