Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee

Mission Statement

The goal of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee is to promote bicycling and walking as viable means of transportation throughout San Rafael; to provide conceptual input on public bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure projects; and to support the implementation of the City's Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.


  • Serve as advisors to City Council for bicycle and pedestrian matters in the City, representing the interests of citizens and local advocacy groups.
  • Serve as a liaison to City staff managing projects which impact pedestrian and bicycle activity.
  • Promote greater public participation and communication regarding the planning and implementation of public bicycle and pedestrian improvements that occur around the City.
  • Assist in seeking low-cost or no cost ways to improve the bicycle and pedestrian environment in San Rafael.
  • Support bicycling and walking to increase the amount of non-motorized trips in the City, to reduce the dependence on autos, and to reduce the City's carbon footprint.

Meetings and Community Involvement

  • Meetings will be held bimonthly, on a consistent day of the month; the schedule for the upcoming year will be set by November of the previous year; staff will contact committee members one week prior to scheduled meetings to determine if a quorum will be present; lack of a quorum will result in the cancellation of the scheduled meeting.
  • BPAC will establish an annual work plan that advances walking and biking in the City and will report annually to the City Council on its recommendations and pending work.
  • Meetings will be held in City Hall to promote the involvement of members of the public and stakeholder groups; the Public Works building may be used if needed.
  • Information about the BPAC meetings, including upcoming agendas, will be posted online. Meetings will be recorded. A means by which comments may be submitted electronically or in writing will be examined.
  • A period for public comments will be set aside at each scheduled meeting.

City Staff Role

The BPAC will prepare meeting notes. The Committee chairperson will develop meeting agendas in collaboration with City staff. Public Works Department staff will assist in establishing contact with City Departments for presentations to the BPAC regarding, public improvements, planning projects, enforcement activities, economic development projects and other City efforts that affect pedestrian and bicycle planning or infrastructure.

This committee's advisory and review function on matters related to bicycling and walking include, but are not limited to:

  1. Implementation of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan and other adopted plans: Participating in the development, review, and implementation of comprehensive bicycle/pedestrian goals, objectives and policies in the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, and/or other City adopted community plans and area specific plans.
  2. Existing Conditions: Reviewing and commenting on the functional classification and physical condition of existing pedestrian routes, bicycle paths, bicycle lanes, protected bikeways, and bicycle routes (Caltrans Class I, II, III & IV facilities, respectively) within the City.
  3. Review of Major Development and Infrastructure Projects: Reviewing development and infrastructure projects that fall within the city's jurisdiction insofar as they relate to bicycling and walking at their planning and design stages for accommodation of cyclists' and pedestrians' needs. Members of BPAC will serve as liaisons to City departments, commissions, and committees related to bicycle and pedestrian issues and will report back to BPAC.
  4. Project Development and Funding: Making recommendations on capital improvements to increase use and safety of bicycle/pedestrian facilities; and providing recommendations to staff on the prioritization of bicycle/pedestrian projects for funding under Capital Improvements Programs or other district, county, state or federal bicycle and pedestrian grant programs.
  5. Educational Efforts: Participating in the City's efforts to promote bicycling and walking as viable forms of urban transportation and recreation.
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