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Before You Apply

Eligibility for the Program

To qualify as a standard applicant...

You must be a property owner within incorporated San Rafael (applications may not be submitted by renters). Each property (APN) is able to submit one application. If one property owner owns multiple properties within San Rafael, each property may apply for the program separately.

Property owners who have caused sidewalk damage due to private construction improvements (cut, removal, etc.), in cases where the pre-construction sidewalk was not in need of replacement, do not qualify for the program.

To qualify as a low-income applicant...

Same qualifications as the standard applicants, plus:

You must submit with your application, proof of current affiliation with a government or utility administered program for low-income individuals or families. Eligible programs include:

  • PG&E California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) Program
  • PG&E Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA)
  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) – U.S. Office of Community Services
  • Marin Housing Authority Below Market Rate (BMR) Housing
  • Marin Housing Authority Residential Rehabilitation Loan Program
  • Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Homeownership Program
  • CalFresh
  • Market Match, Agricultural Institute of Marin
  • Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
  • Marin Center for Independent Living Client Assistance Funds
  • Other (must describe program and upload proof or affiliation)

As a part of the pre-construction inspection conducted by the City...

You may be required to replace more of your sidewalk than you initially indicated on your application

The City will inspect your property and any sidewalk that is deemed to be a tripping hazard will be marked for replacement and indicated as such on the pre-construction inspection survey. By applying to this program, all applicants are to replace all sidewalk hazards that are indicated by staff as needing replacement in the pre-construction inspection survey

All work performed will need to comply with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Standards

The City will note in your sidewalk pre-construction inspection form that all work must be ADA compliant (slope of sidewalk, grade, etc.). If the sidewalk repair involves a corner where an ADA ramp is not in place, one will need to be installed. In the event of an ADA curb-ramp installation, the City will bear full cost of the ramp.

Additional deficiencies may need to be addressed to receive reimbursement funding

If other parts of your sidewalk are out of compliance, the City may ask you as a part of the pre-construction inspection process to perform additional work on sidewalk that is not up to current standards.

The City arborist will make a determination about trees involved

The City arborist will determine if a tree can survive a root trimming (as a part of the sidewalk replacement) or if it must be removed in order to replace the sidewalk. The arborist may also recommend removal of the tree in the case where the roots may be trimmed, but it is anticipated that the tree would uplift the sidewalk again within several years. In the case that...

  1. A tree cannot survive a root trimming, and must be removed in order to replace the sidewalk
    Property owner must consent to removal of the tree in order to proceed with repairs
  2. A tree can survive a root trimming
    Permission will not be given to the property owner to remove the tree

If your tree is removed as a part of the sidewalk repair...

The City will fund the purchase and perform the planting of a replacement tree, from the list of City-approved street trees.

It is important to note that tree replacement plantings performed by the City may occur up to 12 months after the repair is complete. A new tree will not necessarily be planted right away.

In order to minimize future sidewalk damage and encourage the roots to go deep into the soil away from paved surfaces, all new trees planted must be watered by the property owner to City specifications. This will be coordinated between the property once the sidewalk repairs are complete.

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