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Bayside Acres Sewer Main Improvements Project (Sanitation District)

Project Goals

To relocate the sewer main within the Bay for 20 coastal-facing homes

Information Package

Information for a Public Meeting on the Bayside Acres Sewer Rehabilitation Project

Bayside Sewer Improvement Info Package





The sewer main for 20 coastal-facing homes is within the Bay.  Plans to relocate the sewer main from out of the Bay for these residences are underway.  SRSD is planning to first install a new sewer main pipe within the streets serving these 20 homes, and subsequent rerouting private laterals.  Currently under the design phase, sewer main work for this project is expected to go out to bid sometime in March or April 2022.  Concurrently, SRSD staff will be working with the property owners to relocate their sewer laterals to the new sewer main.  Design for this lateral relocation work is expected to be underway in the summer 2022, and construction completed by summer of 2023.


Construction May 2022 - September 2023


Project Contact

San Rafael Sanitation District

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