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Banner Installation Application

Vertical and Horizontal Banners on Fourth Street

The Pole and Horizontal Banner Locations are for banners that advertise events that are of general interest to the public and are conducted within City limits by a non-profit organization. The City install banners for three-week periods and we are unable to  install for partial periods or prorate installation fees.


Horizontal banners hang from one side of Fourth Street to the other side on the West and East ends.  Each banner location is $360 for a three-week period.  Choose your locations below.


Pole banners hang vertically from light poles on Fourth Street and each banner location is $60 for a three-week period. Choose the locations of your poles below, and note that you may choose the sidewalk and /or the street side of each pole location. 


Please fill out the entire form and we will contact you to confirm your reservation and to take payment, which may be sent via check or paid via credit card over the phone by calling (415) 485-3333.

Banner Guidelines

Refer to this document for guidelines and specifications on how to design your banners.

Click the drop down and choose  either Across Street or Pole Street Banner Reservation  to view upcoming reserved dates on calendar. Scroll through calendar months to view upcoming reserved dates and locations for Banners. We reserve for three-week periods and you may select multiple three-week periods consecutively or throughout the year.

Banner Reservation Dates

Contact Information

Authorized Representative(Required)

Select Horizontal Banner Locations and Install Dates | $360 each location for a 3-week period.

Please Note: Multiple 3-week periods are allowed but we are unable to offer partial period installations or prorated fees.
Horizontal Banner
Horizontal Banner
You may choose one or both locations(Required)

Select Vertical Banner Pole Locations | Choose Street and /or Sidewalk sides of Pole | $60 each location for a 3-week period.

Please Note: Multiple 3-week periods are allowed but we are unable to offer partial period installations or prorated fees.
Vertical Banners
Vertical Banners
Please indicate the vertical pole locations below by choosing the STREET and/or SIDEWALK sides of the pole. Please note that the following poles are dedicated to City of San Rafael Parking Services and are not available for the banner program. Pole Numbers: 3228 at SR Rare Coin | 674 at D’Lynnne’s | 681 at B of A | 691 at Salon B | 699 at (Vacant)
Miracle Mile→H Street STREET
Miracle Mile→H Street SIDEWALK
H Street→G Street STREET
H Street→G Street SIDEWALK
G Street→F Street STREET
G Street→F Street SIDEWALK
F Street→E Street STREET
F Street→E Street SIDEWALK
Shaver Street STREET
Shaver Street SIDEWALK
E Street→D Street STREET
E Street→D Street SIDEWALK
D Street→C Street STREET
D Street→C Street SIDEWALK
C Street→B Street STREET
C Street→B Street SIDEWALK
B Street→A Street STREET
B Street→A Street SIDEWALK
A Street→Lootens Street STREET
A Street→Lootens Street SIDEWALK
Cijos→ Lootens STREET
Cijos→ Lootens SIDEWALK
Lincoln→ Cijos STREET
Lincoln→ Cijos SIDEWALK
Cijos →Tamalpais STREET
Cijos →Tamalpais SIDEWALK

Total Price

Acknowledgements and Signature

Proof of Insurance

Name and consent

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