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B Street Community Center – ADA Bathrooms

Posted on September 26, 2019

The City of San Rafael is soliciting bids for the B Street Community Center ADA Bathroom renovation project.  The Community Center is located on 618 B Street in San Rafael, CA.   The project requires complete demolition of the existing restrooms and replacement of interior finishes and fixtures.


On October 10, 2019 the following bids were received:


Contractor Grand Total Base Bid Price
Argos Construction $180,000
FRC Inc. $195,121
GCCI $199,500
Streamline Builders $213,920
Rosa Construction Non-Responsive
Rempe Construction Non- Responsive
Brown Construction Non-Responsive


Per our Instructions to Bidders Document, 00 21 13.8.Alternate No. 1, The Contract will be awarded only based on the “Base Bid Amount”. The City of San Rafael will not be accepting Alternate No. 1.


The apparent Responsive and Responsible low bidder is Argos Construction.


Please receive the following documents:

Instructions to Bidders -Community Center ADA Bathroom-FINAL


2018-04-03 Planset – Comm Center Bathroom-Final

Site Logistics and Hard Barrier Plan-Final

Alternate No. 1-Shoreline Park Restroom FINAL

Payment & Performance Bond FORM

SAMPLE-Informal Contract Agreement 9-20-2019

Site Logistics and Hard Barrier Plan-ADD #1

Addendum #1-Comm Cter ADA RR-Bid Questions

Exhibit A-Question 4-Existing Comm Center RR Finishes

REVISED BID FORM (Dated 10-8-2019)

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