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Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPM)

Posted on August 20, 2019

The City of San Rafael (City) strives to improve arterial operations and enhance safety at signalized intersections throughout the City starting with the Central San Rafael area by deploying an Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPM) system. Through the Innovative Deployments to Enhance Arterials (IDEA) Program, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) has awarded the City with grant funding for the deployment of an ATSPM system throughout its Central San Rafael area. Federal funds available through the IDEA Program are designed to assist agencies with project implementation through capital support and technical assistance.

The core goals of this project include: improving travel time and travel reliability along arterials for autos and transit vehicles; improve safety of motorists, transit riders, bicyclists, and pedestrians and decrease motor vehicle emissions and fuel consumption. An ATSPM system will provide information/tools needed to actively monitor signal performance and proactively identify and correct deficiencies before they negatively impact arterial operations. Deploying an ATSPM system is a cost-effective way to improve traditional re-timing processes by providing continuous performance monitoring capability using high resolution data and real-time performance measures.

The RFP is a result of a year-long concerted effort by a team of professionals from MTC, DKS Associates, Advanced Mobility Group and the City of San Rafael. The team collectively produced the attached Concept of Operations, System Requirements, and Verification Plan documents. The City hereby requests proposals from qualified firms to provide and implement an ATSPM system. Proposals shall be submitted by firms that have a capable and demonstrable background in the type of work described in Section 4, Scope of Services, of this RFP. In addition, all interested firms shall have sufficient, readily available resources in the form of trained personnel, support services, specialized staff and financial resources to carry out the work without delay or shortcomings.

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