Francisco Blvd East Sidewalk – Approved by State Transportation Commission

The project was presented to the California Transportation Commission on December 5th and was approved for federal funding allocation.  Once we receive clearance from Caltrans to proceed with the project, we will be advertising for bids, which is anticipated by mid-January 2020.  The project is on schedule with a proposed construction start time of early summer … Continued

Sidewalk Repair 2019 Year-end Update

As we cross the one year anniversary of the commencement of the Sidewalk Repair Program I want to take the time to let you know where we stand and how we intend to move forward. Some of you signed up for the 2018 program and already have contracts in hand, others are part of the … Continued

Paving Work on Villa and Grand Avenue

The City’s contractors will begin resurfacing work tomorrow, 10/23 on Villa Ave.  from Grand Ave. to the NB 101 onramp.  Work will continue from 7 AM to 5 PM through Thursday and potentially into Friday. Both directions of travel will remain open during the construction hours, though crews will be directing one direction at a … Continued

Paving Work on 2nd and 3rd St

The City’s contractor will be doing road work on Second Street at Shaver Street on the afternoon of Monday, October 21st. Road work on Third Street at Shaver Street will occur on the mornings of October 22nd and 23rd. Crews will be closing one lane at a time to repair the roadway surface. The work … Continued

70 Irwin Drainage Improvements and Lane Closure

Valentine Corporation is starting work on the installation of additional drainage improvements for the 70 Irwin Street slide repair project on Monday. This will include 750 feet of v-ditch and approximately 1,000 feet of asphalt berm adjacent to the location of the slide. This work will take approximately 2 months to complete and will require … Continued

2018 Sidewalk Repair Program 50% complete and 2019 Update

2018 Program The City along with Van Midde and Son Concrete hit an important milestone last week.  More than 50% of the scheduled work for the 2018 program has now been completed. This represents over 16,500 square feet of new sidewalk in the city. That’s over 30 cement trucks worth of concrete weighting the equivalent … Continued

SRP Update: Work in Gerstle Park Continues

Work in Gerstle Park continues with the City completing the longest continuous stretch of new sidewalk yet at over 250 feet. In addition, two new ADA compliant curb ramps were installed next to Short Elementary School. These new curb ramps include the yellow dots which are called “raised truncated domes.”  Work is anticipated to be … Continued

Sidewalk Repair Update: Roots, Sidewalks, and more Roots!

Work continues in the Gerstle Park neighborhood as the City and Van Midde and Son Concrete passed the 3,000 square foot milestone in the neighborhood.  That’s enough new sidewalk in the neighborhood to stretch two football fields long. Over 400 feet of curb and gutter have also been replaced. Work has slowed a little in … Continued

SRP Update + Trees and Sidewalks Coexisting

Street Trees and Sidewalk: As the Sidewalk Repair Program (SRP) moves along, a common theme has played out throughout the City. The sight of trees, and specifically their roots damaging and lifting sidewalks is something most residents have seen firsthand. As a Tree City this presents a challenge, but the City of San Rafael has … Continued

Gerstle Park Sidewalk Repair Ramps-up

With great weather to work, Van Midde and Son Concrete has been busy and working hard to replace sidewalk, curb and gutter in Gerstle Park.  A program high, 12 properties are currently in the midst of getting their sidewalk repaired with 7 more properties expected to break ground within the next two weeks. Last week, … Continued

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