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April 2016 Spotlight: Delicious! Catering

Posted on April 30, 2016

Delicious! Catering

Delicious! Catering’s Story

Started in 1975, Delicious! Catering has always been serious about its commitment to sustainability. So serious in fact, that it has worked hard to become the only Green Certified catering business in the County! Before curbside commercial composting was even an option, several of the staff would alternate taking the leftover vegetable scraps from the kitchen and composting the organic material at their homes. Now, through Marin Sanitary Service’s Food 2 Energy program, Delicious! Catering recycles all of their food scraps. Since joining the program in October 2013, they’ve diverted 8,500 lbs of food scraps from the landfill and have saved over $2,800!

As a catering company, it makes sense for them to focus their sustainable efforts on food waste. However, Delicious! Catering takes it several steps further as both the owners and the staff have worked hard to infuse the concept of sustainability into almost every aspect of their business. From providing reusable trays to their delivery clients, to purchasing Energy Star appliances for their new kitchen, to consolidating vehicle delivery trips, Delicious! Catering constantly strives to become a more sustainable business. The benefits of these choices go beyond the obvious economic and environmental ones. Jan Goldberg, the co-owner of the business, said, “people call and say, ‘I am calling you because you are a green caterer.’” In addition to clientele loyalty, Delicious! Catering has experienced staff loyalty as well. Dan, the sous chef and one of the original staff who composted the leftover vegetable scraps at home, made it clear that the company’s commitment to sustainability has been a major factor in why he has worked there for over 10 years.

Jan’s advice for other catering businesses in the area is to consult with Marin Sanitary and find out what is available in terms of bins and programs. She also added, “once you establish a pattern and procedure, it becomes a habit and a mindset. It’s not that difficult. Just do it!”

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Secret to Success:
Participation in commercial composting and the Food 2 Energy program

Major Gains: Delicious! Catering Staff
Diverted 8,500 lbs of food scraps from being sent to the landfill
Saved over $2,800

How They Did It:
Worked with Marin Sanitary to recycle their food scraps and compost their food-soiled paper products
Provided their delivery clients with the option of using reusable trays
Encouraged their staff to use reusable plates, silverware and water bottles while at work
Recycled their cooking oil

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