Andersen Drive / SMART Crossing

The first phase of SMART that is under construction will provide commuter rail service to the Downtown San Rafael Station.  However, SMART is planning to move forward with Phase 2, which would extend the commuter rail service from the Downtown San Rafael Station to Larkspur Landing.  A portion of the rail line right-of-way along this extension stretch crosses at-grade with Andersen Drive, just north of the intersection of Andersen Drive and Francisco Boulevard West.

The Andersen Drive at-grade crossing with the SMART right-of-way was constructed in 1997 and, by California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) ruling, is required to terminate once regular train service is scheduled through this crossing. The CPUC ruling requires that the City of San Rafael apply to the CPUC for authorization to continue to utilize this crossing once the SMART rail service is in operation.  In preparation for an application to CPUC, the City of San Rafael studied seven crossing design options, ultimately finding a modified at-grade crossing to be the most appropriate and least impacting design. The San Rafael City Council reviewed this project at the February 1, 2016 City Council Meeting:

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